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Will electric trucks take charge?

This is the final in a blog series on how to decarbonise land freight by 2050. All the blogs are based on our report Roadmap to climate-friendly land freight and buses in Europe, leading up to a public debate, Zero emissions land freight, taking place in Brussels on 27 September.

Are electric vehicles cleaner? The evidence points firmly in one direction

As diesel sales slump and those of electric vehicles pass one million, batteries are fast becoming a major part of the EU’s industrial future. It is not just talk this time. Investment is happening: LG Chem is planning for production in Poland and Samsung SDI is doing likewise in Hungary; NorthVolt has just signed a large loan to build a demo plant in Sweden, and Saft, a subsidiary of Total, announced a battery consortium with Siemens, Solvay and MAN. Amidst all this, the environmental benefits of electric cars are under intense scrutiny with news articles on this a regular feature in most EU countries. So, do electric cars reduce car CO2 emissions or do they just shift the problem elsewhere?


To ensure the transition to e-mobility is fully sustainable and socially responsible, it must be underpinned by a green, ethical and world-leading battery supply chain in Europe

The auto industry needs help making its next turnaround

What’s the biggest automotive industry turnaround in recent memory? Chances are most people will mention Obama’s 2009 auto bailout. But what has happened in Europe since Dieselgate is actually at least as impressive, and potentially more lasting.

‘No deal’ Brexit could derail the push for more EVs in the UK

The number of electric car models on the UK market could more than triple within the next three years, new analysis shows. After several years of timid growth, carmakers will be offering 214 electric models across Europe in 2021 – up from the 60 available, officially at least, at the end of 2018. Transport & Environment (T&E), which publishes the analysis today using data from authoritative industry source IHS Markit, said it is clear the shift to electric cars is underway. However, in the UK the supply of electric cars may be a trickle compared to those in Europe while production of electric models could fall behind European competitors.