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We build public support for cities to shift from polluting cars to active, shared and electric mobility.

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Cities are at the heart of the transition to zero-emission transport

Almost 3 in 4 Europeans live in cities and urban mobility is responsible for 23% of the EU’s CO2 emissions from transport. Polluting cars and vans still dominate most cities, occupying public space, causing toxic air pollution, noise and collisions. Air pollution alone causes at least 253,000 premature deaths a year.

By taking polluting cars and vans off our streets, we can create liveable cities with healthier communities, safer streets and a climate-friendly mobility system across Europe.

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Creating cities of the future

European cities can serve as incubators for breakthrough clean transport solutions: most trips are short and the population is dense, which makes walking, cycling and shared mobility options viable and attractive.

For the cities of the future, we need to reallocate more public space for walking/wheeling, cycling and greenery and we need to build on and invest in Europe’s public transport systems and make them fully electric.

We can create a revolution in last-mile deliveries by switching away from diesel to zero-emission vans and cargo bikes, and by redesigning urban logistics hubs.

Many leaders have already embarked on the journey to create more liveable, healthy and climate friendly cities by adopting low- and zero-emission zones or by joining the EU ‘Mission for 100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030’.

Together we are calling on all European cities to embrace the goal of zero-emission urban transport by the 2030s.

Top policies to clean up urban transport

  • 1

    Introduce or step up low- and zero-emission zones

  • 2

    Shift urban logistics to electric vehicles and cargo bikes

  • 3

    Expand safe walking and cycling infrastructure

  • 4

    Roll out zero-emissions public transport and shared mobility solutions

  • 5

    Introduce traffic-calming measures, such as school streets

We are Clean Cities

T&E’s Clean Cities Campaign is a network of over 100 grassroots and civil society organisations across Europe. Together we work towards a zero-emissions urban mobility future.

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