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Batteries, Cars, Energy

European Elections: The Ecological Transition, a Guarantee of Well-Being


Europe-Asia Green Corridors

Case for Morocco as a green shipping H2 hub


HDV charging manual

How to get public heavy-duty vehicle charging infrastructure right.

Sustainable Finance

NGOs call for a social and green investment plan for a prosperous and just transition

From climate change and biodiversity loss to the cost of living and energy independence, NGOs call for a €1 trillion investment plan for people and th...


European made batteries could be 60% less carbon intensive than Chinese – analysis

But over half of Europe's battery production plans are at risk without stronger government action.


An industrial blueprint for batteries in Europe

A new report explores how Europe can successfully build a sustainable battery value chain


T&E position on the fleets public consultation

Greening corporate fleets: an industrial and social policy for Europe

T&E position paper on the European Commission public consultation "Greening corporate fleets"


A smart industrial policy to fast-charge Europe’s electric vehicles revolution

With 1 in 4 EVs sold in Europe this year likely to be made in China, the EU needs a strong industrial policy to stop the undermining of the industrial...

Sustainable Finance, Trucks

Truckmakers’ hidden carbon problem

Why indirect emissions from truck manufacturers are a major financial risk.

Sustainable Finance, Trucks

Truck manufacturers a more carbon intensive investment than oil, steel or cars – study

Investors ‘in for a shock’ as scope 3 disclosure requirements kick in next year with truckmaker emissions 50% higher than what they report to investor...


Non-CO2 emissions: NGOs, airlines and aviation industry actors call upon the European Commission to monitor non-CO2 emissions on all flights

Limiting the scope of the non-CO2 monitoring tool risk limiting both our understanding and ability to mitigate the impact of non-CO2 effects of aviati...

Cars, Rail

What has the EU done for the planet and its citizens?

We have arrived at a critical juncture when it comes to our climate and the environment. The planet is on track towards a temperature increase of 2.9C...