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For general enquiries, please fill in the form.  For specific queries, see the staff page. We get a huge amount of requests for interviews, information, events, questionnaires, and the like. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all of these. We clarify below when we are more or less likely to respond.

What we always strive to respond to

We always strive to satisfy requests from our members and from other environmental organisations. We strive to respond to specific feedback on our work, questions about reports we issue, et cetera. We are more than happy to respond to media requests on the issues we work on, but may redirect questions on local or regional developments (unless they have a European perspective), to our members or partners, who are better placed to respond.

When we have to be selective

We get hundreds of requests per year from researchers for interviews, or to fill in questionnaires. Unfortunately we have to decline most of these, especially those that are of a generic character (‘how EU policymaking works in practice’, ‘views of stakeholders on Europe’s transport policy’ et cetera). We do not provide unpaid advice on regulatory or industrial developments to investment banks, asset management firms and the like. We cannot respond to queries from individual members of the public for advice about cars or vehicle technology.

We typically cannot provide assistance to inventors focusing on specific technologies - our job to create the political and regulatory circumstances in which truly innovative and clean technologies can flourish. Unfortunately we have to be selective in attending or speaking at events, especially outside of Brussels. We do not reply to unsolicited applications for internships or jobs. But we do store the emails and CVs for the occasions that we are seeking to fill a position. We thank you for your understanding.


Transport & Environment - 2nd floor, 18 Square de Meeûs, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)2 851 02 02 

Fax: +32 (0)2 851 02 29


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