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Cars, Rail

What has the EU done for the planet and its citizens?

We have arrived at a critical juncture when it comes to our climate and the environment. The planet is on track towards a temperature increase of 2.9C...


How is e-kerosene developing in Europe?

As the most sustainable alternative to traditional jet fuels, e-kerosene is generated from hydrogen and CO₂. Unlike many other sustainable aviation fu...


The world’s first green cruise… there’s just one problem

Mock green cruise ship launch highlights greenwashing of cruise ship operators promoting fossil gas as a more sustainable solution

Cars, Batteries

Important decisions ahead in EU’s push for cleaner EV batteries

A new law has set high environmental standards for batteries from electric cars. But its effectiveness will be determined by rules that are still up f...


A worker-led approach – shaping the future of aviation

Workshop Summary from February 16th


We tested country recipes for car taxation: how do they fare?

A clear contrast between how polluting and zero-emission cars are taxed is crucial

Air Quality

EU’s new air pollution limits a big step forward but fall short of WHO guidelines

Last week the European Commission proposed tighter, binding air pollution limits as part of its revision of EU air quality rules. But does it go far e...


The EU Green Trucks Summit 2022

Watch back the event and download the main presentation by TNO.

Planes, Ships, Climate Instruments

EU set for major expansion of carbon market

The European Parliament and then the Council vote in favour of major expansion of the EU carbon market to include shipping and road transport


European countries clash with US over biofuels at G7 summit

Pressure builds on halt to crop biofuels mandates as food prices soar


Plug-in hybrids to lose ‘low-CO2’ status as EU reassesses how green they really are

PHEV emissions in reality are much higher than the tests suggest


Game over for the combustion engine in Europe

T&E hails huge step forward in fights against climate change and air pollution