About us

Campaigning for smarter, cleaner transport in Europe

Our mission

Transport & Environment’s mission is to promote, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development. Transport policy should minimise harmful impacts on the environment and health, maximise efficiency of resources, including energy and land, and guarantee safety and sufficient access for all.

Our focus

Our work is focused on the areas where European and global policies have the potential to achieve the greatest environmental benefits. These include transport pricing so that polluters, not society, pay for pollution, setting standards for the cleanest possible cars, vans, lorries, ships, planes, and fuels, and greening EU investment in transport.

Our work

We have contributed to a number of high-profile EU policy changes such as binding standards for more fuel efficient cars and vans and more sustainable biofuels; inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS, introduction of green tyre labels, and smarter EU rules on the way lorries can be charged and designed.

Our assets

Credibility is our key asset. Therefore we are non-profit and politically independent, and we are strong believers in the power of science and evidence in policymaking. We commission and execute numerous pieces of cutting-edge policy research to shape and underpin our views.

Our network

Established in 1990, T&E represents 60 organisations from 25 countries across Europe, mostly environmental groups and campaigners working for sustainable transport policies at national, regional and local level.  All together our members and supporters represent more than 3.5 million people. 

Our coalitions

We coordinate the International Coalition for Sustainable Aviation (ICSA) which has observer status at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and are members of the Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC) which has observer status at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

We hold a seat on the board of ECOS, and are members of the Green 10 group of European environmental NGOs, the Platform for Electromobility, and the Coalition for Energy Savings.

European Union Transparency Register

You can find out more details about who we are, and who funds our work in our submission to the EU Transparency Register.  Our registration number is 58744833263-19.