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Sustainable Finance

NGOs call for a social and green investment plan for a prosperous and just transition

From climate change and biodiversity loss to the cost of living and energy independence, NGOs call for a €1 trillion investment plan for people and th...


Non-CO2 emissions: NGOs, airlines and aviation industry actors call upon the European Commission to monitor non-CO2 emissions on all flights

Limiting the scope of the non-CO2 monitoring tool risk limiting both our understanding and ability to mitigate the impact of non-CO2 effects of aviati...


Position paper: Non-CO2 MRV in EU ETS, a no-regret step to mitigate aviation’s full climate impact

Why long-haul flights should be included in the non-CO2 MRV


Green groups call on ship engine manufacturers to disclose true impact of fossil gas

Open call to engine manufacturers to disclose full extent of emissions from LNG and ammonia powered vessels

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Flixtrain, Trainline, T&E call for reduced rail tolls to help make train travel more accessible

T&E and a coalition of rail operators and ticket vendors call upon EU Member States to reduce rail tolls on night trains, cross-border trains and some...


Civil society groups call for end to soy biofuels

30 non-profit organisations, including T&E, WWF, Oxfam and Birdlife, call on the European Commission to phase out support for deforestation-driving so...

Climate Instruments

Fossil fuel phase out date needed in Europe in 2040 target, NGOs ask

Coal should be phased out no later than 2030, fossil gas no later than 2035 and oil at the latest by 2040


Call for an action plan for future proofed grids

T&E and ChargeUp Europe call upon the European Commission for a change of pace in the governance of European power grids


Joint call: Leasing companies should step up climate ambition and become real green leaders

A coalition of 20+ NGOs and consumer organisations from across Europe call upon leasing companies to set a phase-out date to stop leasing fossil fuel ...

Sustainable Finance

Green and retail investors groups call for an ambitious EU ESG regulation

Coalition including T&E, WWF, Reclaim Finance, SOMO, BETTER FINANCE and Frank Bold call for the Parliament to make EU ESG ratings truly sustainable

Cars, Batteries

The EU must get certification schemes right for critical raw materials

15 NGOs have written to negotiators as they finalise the EU Critical Raw Materials Act.

Air Quality

Companies in transport sector call on governments to back stricter air pollution limits

IKEA, Decathlon, Uber and others urge an ambitious revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directive – at least in line with the EU Parliament's position.