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HDV charging manual

How to get public heavy-duty vehicle charging infrastructure right.

Sustainable Finance, Trucks

Truckmakers’ hidden carbon problem

Why indirect emissions from truck manufacturers are a major financial risk.

Sustainable Finance, Trucks

Truck manufacturers a more carbon intensive investment than oil, steel or cars – study

Investors ‘in for a shock’ as scope 3 disclosure requirements kick in next year with truckmaker emissions 50% higher than what they report to investor...

Planes, Ships, Cars, Trucks

EU Overshoot day already here – “Unsustainable and irresponsible”

317 civil society organisations urge EU leaders to tackle the nature, climate and pollution crises following the upcoming EU elections


MEPs sign off on climate targets for heavy-duty vehicles

The law, agreed with governments, will provide investment certainty for truckmakers to go zero emissions.


Tolling: the highway to green trucking

A briefing on how to implement the Eurovignette reform to clean up trucks.


T&E reaction to EU and Germany deal on truck CO2 law

MEPs need to sign-off on the legislation without delay to give clarity to Europe’s truck industry


German government threatens to block EU truck CO2 law

It’s the third time the Scholz government has threatened a last-minute U-turn on European environment laws.


EU reaches deal on near phase-out of diesel trucks

Lawmakers agree CO2 targets for lorries – but also garbage and construction trucks.

Trucks, Air Quality

The invisible killer on Europe’s roads

A T&E briefing analyses how tackling truck pollution will save lives and money.

Cars, Planes, Ships, Trucks

The Green Deal is dead. Long live the Green Deal!

2023 was a year of climate backlash, but the real story was resilience

Trucks, Cars

The year Europe got its industrial strategy into gear

Lawmakers are right to ensure electric cars are made in the EU – and not only by European companies