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Uber adds to pollution and traffic in European cities too

A cross-continental coalition of green NGOs launch the #TrueCostOfUber campaign to clean up new taxi companies such as Uber. Uber is adding more polluting car trips to already-clogged European cities such as London and Paris, new analysis suggests - contributing to air pollution and climate change and exploding the company’s sustainability claims. 

Uber’s environmental impact in Europe revealed

The true environmental cost of Uber and similar app-based taxi services has been laid bare by T&E. Based on data compiled by Euromonitor, T&E estimates that in Paris and London alone Uber has been responsible for 515 kilotonnes of CO2 in the few years since it started operating those cities, equivalent to adding the CO2 emissions of an extra 250,000 cars. A new international coalition has been formed to fight a #TrueCostOfUber campaign.

Uber and Lyft increase pollution and undermine public transport, study shows

Transport network companies like Uber and Lyft may be adding to congestion and emissions, and harming public transport, according to a new American study. The findings are consistent with other studies which show that so-called ‘ride-hailing’ companies have been adding to road traffic and reducing the use of public transport.

Rising awareness of Uber’s harmful impact

Awareness of the pollution caused by Uber and taxi services is growing, according to an opinion survey commissioned by T&E. The survey shows that citizens in the cities where Uber operates most have the greatest awareness of the environmental impact of ride-hailing and taxi services. T&E says this strengthens the case for making the licensing of Uber and similar services being made conditional on vehicles being electric.

Uber pollutes more than the cars it replaces – US scientists

Ride-hailing services like Uber are increasing car travel, climate emissions and traffic congestion, according to a new US study. Ride-hailing trips now result in an estimated 69% more climate pollution, on average, than the trips they displace, it finds. The data was published just weeks ahead of the first round of the Paris mayoral election, in which three candidates supported the #TrueCostOfUber campaign to cut the air pollution of services like Uber and to electrify their fleets.