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UCO (Unknown Cooking Oil): High hopes on limited and suspicious materials

Europe’s increased consumption of used cooking oil biofuels has resulted in a heavy reliance on imports from Asian countries. T&E assesses recent trad...

Energy, Planes

European and US used cooking oil demand increasingly unsustainable - analysis

Cars, Batteries

EV tariffs alone will not deliver on the promise of the EU Green Deal

Just introducing tariffs while scrapping the 2035 cars law would be self defeating


EU company car market falls behind on EV uptake

Heavy, dirty, tardy: Company car electrification lagging behind private market for third year in a row

Electrification in the company car market lags behind - particularly in Europe’s biggest car markets France and Germany, a new report by green group T...


How are companies performing on electrification?

Unveiling Europe’s corporate car problem

How the EU can unlock the potential of company fleets

Batteries, Cars

Europe far behind North America in securing EV investments

With uncertainty over its 2035 zero-emission car target and a weak industrial policy, Europe is proving less attractive to electric vehicle manufactur...

Batteries, Cars

Carmakers' EV investments: Is Europe falling behind?

T&E looks at the EV, battery and charging investment announcements by carmakers to analyse which regions and carmakers are winning when it comes to EV...


Battery-electric is now the most popular for new city buses in the EU

But until regulation catches up with the momentum for zero-emission buses, European busmakers risk being blindsided by soaring demand and emerging for...

Planes, Rail

Euro 2024 teams can cut emissions by 60% if they avoid flying - analysis

Euro 2024 set to be the ‘greenest ever’ with supporter emissions for this summer’s championship down considerably, but teams missing the opportunity t...


It’s governments’ turn to prepare for the green trucking revolution

The new truck CO2 law provides investment certainty for Europe's trucking industry to go zero emissions. EU member states now need to get the charging...

Planes, Rail

UEFA Euro 2024: which country will champion the climate?

Analysis of national teams’ travel climate emissions

shipping containers and co2 emissions

E-Fuels observatory for shipping

An overview of clean fuels projects and their supply potential to meet the needs of the European maritime industry