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Biofuels and land use change: a debate

In a letter published in today's European Voice, T&E argues that a number of independent experts, scientists and institutions have said that land use change must be accounted for in the calculation of overall greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels. To accompany the letter T&E has published a review of these studies, together with the relevant passages.

A cheap airline ticket doesn’t fall from the sky

A round trip flight to the south of France costs the same as a round trip ticket to the Dutch island of Terschelling. How is that possible? Part of the answer can be found in the enormous subsidies that go to the aviation industry. Ties Joosten from the Dutch platform for investigative journalism Follow the Money mapped as many of these subsidies as possible. Aviation, the most carbon intensive mode of transport, is heavily subsidised and its emissions will continue to soar until these are addressed.