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EU walks back on aviation climate law on non-CO2

EU walks back on key aviation climate law and excludes long-haul flights from monitoring scheme

The EU Commission bows to pressure from legacy airlines to exclude long-haul flights from the scope of an aviation emissions monitoring scheme, which ...

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Newly elected Von der Leyen’s big challenge: turning the Green Deal into Europe’s industrial and social deal

T&E's reaction to Ursula von de Leyen’s election as European Commission president for a second five-year term


EU EV sales continued to grow but not in Germany

Germany held back EU electric car market in first half of 2024 – T&E analysis

In the whole EU, the number of BEVs sold grew by just 1.3% but excluding Germany the increase was 9.4%

Sustainable Finance

Sustainability reporting is much more than bureaucratic red tape

Last year, President Von der Leyen announced her commitment to slash reporting requirements for companies by 25%. The objective was to boost the EU's ...


Green steel can cut climate impact of car production for just €57 a vehicle

The auto industry can become a lead market for low-carbon steel production in Europe if lawmakers set content requirements.


Cleaning up steel in cars: why and how?

An ambitious uptake of green steel in cars by 2030 is feasible and can deliver significant climate benefits with limited costs for both industry and c...


Sales of dangerous US pickup trucks up 20% in Europe

Green and safety groups call on the EU to close the loophole allowing monster pickups to bypass EU safety and emissions standards

Sustainable Finance

The hidden EU cash that no one’s talking about

Europe needs fresh investment to support its green industry in the face of global competition. Unspent covid recovery funds and ETS revenues provide j...

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How sustainable are advanced and waste biofuels?

Advanced and waste biofuels are increasingly promoted as sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels and damaging crop-based biofuels, so-called “advance...


Strike a balance: Trade agreements for resilient and responsible supply chains

Five recommendations for trade policy-makers.

Cars, Sustainable Finance

Polluting carmakers in the top 10 recipients of green funds

Study from Voxeurop and European Investigative Collaborations shows that companies engaged in oil extraction, car manufacturing and fashion are some o...


52 million people are exposed to UFPs from planes

Ultrafine particles from planes put 52 million Europeans at risk of serious health conditions

A new study by green group Transport & Environment (T&E) suggests that thousands of cases of high blood pressure, diabetes and dementia across Europe ...