Shift up a gear

Just weeks before the Commission proposes new car CO2 regulations, this ​all-day conference provides a forum for all the major stakeholders to give their perspectives providing high level stage for policy and technical exchange.

Bringing together key policy experts from across the globe, as well as representatives from the industry and the research community, the debate will focus on how European car regulation can drive down emissions, accelerate the transition to electric vehicles whilst enhancing the global competiveness of EU business.

The morning session (10.00 - 13.15) will look at developments in CO2 regulations globally including the current position in the US and China. It will also hear from leading companies working to accelerate the shift to electromobility including new European battery manufacturer Northvolt.

Light lunch will be provided.

In the afternoon (14:00 - 17.00) the focus will shift to the future regulatory designs of car standards including a keynote address from the Jos Delbeke the Director General responsible for proposing the legislation. The final panel debate providing a lively end to the day as campaigners, car and oil industry representatives put forward conflicting visions and influence with audience questions and views.




“Get Real: Demand fuel figures you can trust” is a campaign between Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe, DUH) and Transport and Environment (T&E). The campaign is funded by the LIFE Program of the European Commission (Life15 GIC/DE/00029). Our aim is to improve consumer rights, to advocate against misleading practices in the frame of type approval, and to strengthen market surveillance. Please visit the campaign website to find out more:


Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 08:45 to 17:00


Cercle de Lorraine
23 Wolstraat
1000 Brussels