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    20/01/2005 - Clean Cars in 2010, Brussels

    The impact of cars o­n the environment and public health is a hot topic in Europe.  In a o­ne-day seminar held in Brussels, T&E brought together industry, policy makers and NGOs to debate three key issues: EURO 5 emissions standards, cars and climate change and noise pollution.  For more information, download the full announcement, final programme and participants list.

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    27-28/10/2004 - Sustainable Transport in Sensitive Areas, Vienna

    The T&E conference o­n Sustainable Transport in Sensitive Areas was held 27-28 October in Vienna. Factsheets and presentations from the conference are now available to download. Click 'Read more' for further details.

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    19.05.2004 - Uniting environmental and social policies in transport

    T&E will hold a seminar in Brussels o­n 19 May o­n "Uniting environmental and social transport policies". It will look at potential mutual benefits for society and the environment of implementing environmentally responsible transport policies. Click 'Read more' to get the agenda, registration form and contact details.

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    3.06.2004 - Towards clean ships, an NGO workshop

    T&E, together with the North Sea Foundation, will host a o­ne-day workship for NGOs, focusing o­n options to minimise environmental harm from maritime transport and promote sustainable shipping. The event will be held in Brussels o­n 3 June 2004 to coincide with Green Week.

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    T&E seminar: Brussels, 28 November 2003

    T&E will hold a seminar o­n the Eurovignette directive revision (road pricing for freight).  Note: this seminar is full. We cannot accept further registrations. We will make the seminar documents available o­n the T&E website o­nce they are available. See Activities / Right Prices for more information. Contact: Markus Liechti.

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    Rivers in Central and Eastern Europe

    7-8 November, Potsdam, Germany: BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) organises the international conference Rivers in Central and Eastern Europe - ecological perspectives for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN)?