• Tyres to get energy, noise and safety label

    Tyre and vehicle retailers will have to provide customers with detailed information on the energy efficiency, safety and noise performance of tyres following a vote in the European Parliament's industry committee today.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]Transport and Environment (T&E) and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) welcomed the agreement, which goes further than a European Commission legal proposal issued last year.

    The labels, which will show ratings for energy efficiency (rolling resistance), safety (wet grip) and noise, will have to be clearly displayed wherever tyres are sold, including car dealerships.

    The Parliament also said the information should be printed on receipts and stamped onto the side of tyres. An EU-wide website should also be created where consumers will be able to compare the performance of different types of tyre and calculate their potential fuel savings, according to the Parliament.

    Nina Renshaw of Transport and Environment (T&E) said: “In the past buying tyres has been a confusing and frustrating exercise. There was no official information allowing consumers to compare which of the thousands of different models actually save money at the pump or offer better wet grip. This is about giving consumers the information they need, right there in the shop, and should mean real savings in fuel costs and CO2 emissions.”

    “It is now up to Member States to give their full backing to these proposals and ensure they are brought in without delay.”

    Dragomira Raeva of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) said: “Since road traffic is the major source of noise pollution in our cities, this decision is a first step toward improving the quality of life and health for city dwellers. The labeling programme will also help local governments more easily reach their obligations under the Environment Noise Directive as well as providing the right signals to encourage green public procurement.”

    The proposals need to be agreed by EU Member States before becoming law.