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  • Second ‘speed-loving’ country wants speed limiters for vans

    The climate on limiting the speed of vans appears to be changing. Following a survey last year that showed Germans are in favour of limiting the top speed of vans, a survey in Italy has come to similar conclusions. T&E has called on the Commission to show more speed in preparing its proposals for van speed limiters.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]The latest study was conducted by an Italian market research company on behalf of three NGOs: T&E member Amici della Terra, Terra! and Legambiente. It interviewed 1000 people, 89% of whom were in favour of introducing speed limiters. One third said they should be set at 90 km/h, while 48% said it should be 110 km/h.

    Last year, the leading German car magazine AutoBild and the transport industry magazine Verkehrsrundschau found similar levels of support for van speed limiters among their readership.

    T&E director Jos Dings said: ‘The Commission has indicated in both its road safety action plan and transport strategy white paper that speed limiters for vans would be a smart idea. Now that people in two of the continent’s most speed-loving countries overwhelmingly support the idea, there really is no reason to wait. These devices would save lives, save carbon dioxide emissions, and save on fuel bills, at negligible cost – they are a no-brainer.’

    A report published by T&E in 2009 found that setting obligatory speed limiters for vans at 100 km/h (as it is currently the case for lorries) would reduce CO2 emissions by 6-7% and would contribute to a decrease in accidents involving vans up to 46%.