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  • NGOs recommendations for post-2020 sustainable low carbon transport fuels policy

    The European Commission is currently working on a new Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and a new bioenergy sustainability policy for the period 2020-2030, which will have implications on the long-term pathway to decarbonise transport fuels. At the end of October, T&E, together with BirdLife Europe, ActionAid and Fern, wrote a letter to the European Commission to highlight their recommendations for a post 2020 sustainable low carbon transport fuels policy.

    We encourage the European Commission to phase-out food-based biofuels by 2030 and to prioritize a GHG-based target over a blending mandate for incentivizing truly low carbon advanced fuels and electricity.

    The 4 key recommendations underlined in the letter are the following:

    • Stop all direct and indirect support for land based biofuels and stop counting them toward renewable energy and climate targets
    • Create a robust sustainability framework for all forms of bioenergy, including advanced biofuel feedstocks
    • GHG targets are the most effective way to ensure economically secure future for low-carbon, sustainable, advanced fuels
    • Only set a realistic GHG target for 2025