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  • Hackers show how VW cheated on emissions

    A group of German hackers have shown how easy it was for Volkswagen to cheat the EU’s emissions testing regime and make NOx emissions from diesel cars seem much lower than they are in reality.


    The ‘Hackaday’ group staged a conference at which a former technician for the German carmaker BMW, Daniel Lange, showed how cheating Europe’s car emissions testing regime is fairly widespread, mainly because the tests do not match real driving conditions. Lange said the lax regulatory environments could have influenced decisions made at VW.

    Lange’s presentation, done together with an automotive engineer Felix Domke, took apart VW’s engine control unit, and proved that it has been programmed to record emissions in line with the EU’s standardised driving schedule used during testing.

    Lange pointed out that if the tests better reflected reality, the only way to make emissions results read well would be to reduce emissions.