• European Parliament Calls for Legally-Binding CO2 Limits for Cars

    The European Parliament has called for legally-binding targets for average CO2 emissions from new cars of 80-100g/km in the 'medium term'. The Parliament has also recognised that the existing voluntary agreement between car makers and the European Commission is unlikely to meet its target of average 140g/km by 2009.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]Text of European Parliament resolution on “Winning the Battle Against Global Climate Change” (2005/2049(INI)):

    22. Underlines that developments within the transport sector are critical as it contributes to roughly 30% of the Community’s CO2 equivalent emission, in which approximately 85% is the share of road transport; underlines that rail transport is much more energy efficient than road transport; regrets the fact that the automobile industry is unlikely to meet the target of 140 gm/km within the time-limit laid down under the current voluntary agreement; therefore calls for a policy of strong measures to reduce emissions from transport, including mandatory limits for CO2 emissions from new vehicles in the order of 80-100 gm/km for new vehicles in the medium term to be achieved through emission trading between car manufacturers, and other measures such as EU-wide speed limits, traffic charges and tax incentives, together with a boost in rail and public transport in general; further urges the Commission to devise innovative ways of making apparent the CO2 emissions caused by transport and to put forward proposals designed to stabilise or reduce traffic volumes in the EU between now and 2010;

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