• Controlling traffic pollution and the Auto-Oil Programme

    Air pollution from traffic is widely accepted to be one of the largest challenges facing us as we move into the next millennium. Both policy makers and large sections of the public are increasingly aware of the need to take action to limit the impact traffic has on the air we breathe.

    This publication is intended to fulfil two functions. Firstly to be informative of one of themost significant programmes of the European Commission – the Auto Oil Programme.The second is to outline what conclusions can be drawn from the programme, and whatfuture efforts can be undertaken to reduce the impact traffic has on air pollution.Recommendations are given for the future of European air pollution and transport policy -as well as the necessary complementary national and local policies.

    The publication is intended to be as accessible as possible so that those without a technical background gain an understanding of the programme and the recommendations.Additionally, to cater for those who have a good knowledge of the subject, there arenumerous footnotes.