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  • Analysis of the European Commission’s ‘Roadmap towards clean vehicles’

    T&E’s has obtained a copy of the final draft and puts it in context, analyses and comments the roadmap in this briefing. This briefing outlines T&E’s main policy demands.

    On Monday 18 March 2019, the European Commission will present and discuss with Member States, industry and civil society a “Roadmap towards clean vehicles”. This document is the first-ever EU strategy to tackle polluting diesels on the road. It is the first proposal for an integrated EU strategy to tackle the legacy of Dieselgate currently on Europe’s roads. The document has been shared with governments beforehand.

    This briefing outlines T&E’s main policy demands: Issue mandatory recalls for dirty diesels across the EU and not only in a few Member States; stop imports of polluting cars unless it can be demonstrated that they have been cleaned up; make sure consumers are compensated regardless of the Member States they live in.