Trucks have a major impact on global warming and the air we breathe. But zero-emissions heavy-goods vehicles are coming to market.

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Transport & Environment works on many aspects related to EU truck policy to make zero-emission road freight a reality. We advocate for strong truck CO2 standards and adequate infrastructure to enable zero-emission trucking already today.

Truck emissions

While trucks account for less than 2% of the vehicles on the road in Europe, they made up 23% of the CO2 emissions from road transport in 2019. And their emissions are growing fast (+9% between 2014 and 2019). A full decarbonisation of the EU truck fleet is crucial to reach climate neutrality by 2050; and this will only be possible thanks to zero-emission trucks. European truck-makers themselves have recognised the need to change path and committed to sell 100% fossil-free trucks by 2040, with many of them announcing ambitious sales targets of zero-emission trucks by 2030. A growing voice of transport operators, shippers and logistics companies are also eager to move towards zero-emission trucking. With sufficient supply and charging infrastructure, zero-emission trucks will quickly revolutionise the truck market as we know it.

Truck challenges

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