What the EU climate plan means for biofuels

July 30, 2021

The European Commission has proposed an increased target for the use of renewable fuels in transport as part of its updated Renewable Energy Directive. But it missed a golden opportunity to ensure the phase-out of crop biofuels and bring forward the end date for palm oil biofuels.

The Commission now allows fuel suppliers to count renewable electricity to meet their targets, either by buying electricity credits or by expanding their own networks of charging stations. But it removed the extra weighting electricity was given towards meeting the targets, which reflected its higher efficiency compared to biofuels.

The new RED also increases the target for advanced biofuels from wastes and residues. But T&E has raised concerns over the high target which could leave oil companies scouring the planet for scarce resources.

Read our briefing to see what this proposal means and how it should be improved.

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