What role can e-retrofitting play in the decarbonisation of cars?

March 13, 2024

T&E's e-retrofit outlook

To tackle CO₂ emissions from cars, the EU has successfully agreed rules to make all new car sales zero emission from 2035. Following this landmark decision, the focus of environmental policies will also need to shift toward decarbonising the ICEs already on the road as the electrification of new car sales alone will not achieve zero emissions by 2050.

E-retrofits are viewed as a possible option to replace old ICE vehicles and reduce CO₂ emissions from the existing ICE fleet. An e-retrofit is the conversion of an ICE vehicle into an EV by replacing the engine and fuel tank with an electric motor and battery pack. T&E commissioned a study to Electrify, a consultancy expert in the e-retrofit market, to assess the benefits and prospects of this technology.

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