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T&E comment on reports of weakened future EU car fuel efficiency standards

June 5, 2012

A report in today’s edition of Die Welt (1), suggests future European fuel efficiency standards for new cars could be weakened to account for “infrastructure, driver behavior and other measures”. The story cites a forthcoming report by the EU’s CARS 21 high level policy group.


Transport & Environment, a member of the CARS 21 group, disputes that the report will call for fuel efficiency standards to be weakened. Rather the report highlights that “Cost-effective regulatory…measures are put into practice, in order to reach long-term societal objectives and drive innovation”, something that has clearly happened since EU fuel efficiency standards for new cars were first introduced in 2008.

If the report is changed, or Vice-President Tajani chooses to interpret the report in this way, T&E, representing environmental groups across Europe, will immediately cancel its participation and withdraw its support.

Responding to the reports, Greg Archer, Programme Manager for Transport & Environment said:

“Future fuel efficiency standards for cars will save drivers money at the pump. It’s depressing to see that the German car industry is back to its old tricks calling yet again for so-called ‘flexibilities’ to preserve a market for gas guzzlers. These dinosaurs need to realise the world has changed and drivers now want fuel efficient low carbon vehicles.”

“Strong, smart, effective regulation is a key driver of innovation. It will enable the European motor industry to retain its technological lead, boosting green jobs especially in the car industry’s supply chain, and helping Europe meets its climate change obligations. Vehicle manufacturers should focus on making use of the technology their suppliers are making available and their customers are demanding.”


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