Stuck in the fossil age: Are car leasing companies in the EU green leaders or greenwashing?

October 18, 2023

New report on the green performance of Europe's biggest leasing companies

Today half of all new cars in the EU are leased, not bought. Leasing companies, owned by banks or carmakers, are the secret giants of the automotive world. Combined, the top seven leasing companies register 30% of new cars in the EU and hold a fleet with an estimated 9.3 million cars. This incredible size provides leasing companies with great influence on the cars we drive and the pace of the transition to zero-emission mobility. 

The leasing sector claims that they are using their influence to drive the transition to electric vehicles, but is this really the case? This T&E briefing is a first-of-its-kind analysis, assessing the green leadership claims of the seven largest largest companies (with significant operational leasing) on the EU market and the sector overall.

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