Making PHEVs count

June 14, 2022

T&E's analysis of the EU Commission’s proposal for the update of plug-in hybrid utility factors.

T&E welcomes the European Commission’s latest draft on the update of PHEV utility factors (UFs), which are the currently overly optimistic assumptions on the share of electric kilometers driven by PHEVs. These assumptions result in the unrealistically low official ratings of PHEV CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

The proposal is an improvement of the previous draft published in February which failed to tackle the high gap in real world CO2 emissions/fuel consumption until the late 2020’s/2030. However, while improved, the proposal results in a continuing gap of 25g/km between real-world and official CO2 emissions until 2027. For the climate and for the EU’s energy security it is imperative that the gap is closed as quickly as possible.

To find out more, download the briefing.

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