Open letter calling to electrify new corporate fleets by 2030

May 10, 2022

T&E, together with 16 companies, NGOs and associations, is calling on the Commission to put in place measures to ensure that all corporate fleets as well as urban and public authority fleets go zero emission.

In the joint letter, the coalition is proposing the following measures:

  • ensuring that companies with corporate fleets (20+ vehicles) acquire 50% of their new cars and vans as zero emission vehicles from 2025 and 100% from 2030;
  • ensuring that all high-mileage fleets (i.e. taxi, private hire & delivery vans) in urban areas, and those of public authorities, operate at least 50% of their new fleet as zero emissions vehicles by 2025 and all their fleet by 2030. Sufficient charging and support invectives for high-km drivers must be made available. Such a mandate should cover a large proportion of company cars in Europe while not overly impacting smaller companies. SMEs should instead be supported to transition to ZEVs.

The signatories underline that electrifying fleets is possible and it is a key measure that is missing today in Europe’s Green Deal agenda for transport. With the current imperative to make Europe energy independent faster, its urgency has never been greater. 

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