Electric vehicles: the truth

September 7, 2018

This paper presents evidence to dispel many of the myths about electric vehicles and explains why they are key to reducing CO2 emissions from personal mobility.

The briefing demonstrates that electric vehicles:

  1. Will create jobs economy wide – 200,000 are estimated by 2030 as a result of lower total cost of ownership
  2. That there are sufficient recharging points in western and northern Europe TODAY for the early market and that just 5% of charging happens at public recharging points
  3. Emit less CO2 TODAY even when compared on a full life-cycle basis and even in countries with the least clean electricity
  4. Battery cells will be manufactured in the EU and there are sufficient raw materials available
  5. Are affordable. With very modest tax breaks, they are already cheaper in terms of total cost of ownership for the first owner. For second and third owners there are substantial savings in running costs and maintenance.
  6. The paper shows policymakers can confidently drive a shift to electromobility.

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