E-fuels: why cars should not steal green electrons from heavy industry – Event

April 14, 2021

Many car and truck-makers want to use electrofuels like e-diesel to clean up road transport, but is this the best use of renewable resources in order to meet Europe's zero emissions goals?

For the EU to live up to its Green Deal ambition, efficient use of renewables and cost-effectiveness is crucial. There should be no scope to use renewable electricity – which is used to produce efuels – inefficiently. Enabling the use of such fuels in road transport, where better zero emission alternatives such as batteries exist, risks derailing the entire decarbonisation effort in hard to decarbonize sectors such as aviation and heavy industry.

T&E’s webinar on 14 March explored the needs of different sectors that need green hydrogen and derived efuels to deliver emission reductions, and looked at the wider availability and effectiveness of such fuels.


You can watch the recording of the webinar here.

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