Credit where credit is due: Properly valuing renewable electricity as transport fuel in RED III

June 18, 2021

In this letter to the European Commission, T&E, the association for e-mobility Avere, infrastructure association Charge Up Europe, and SolarPower Europe share their concerns on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive, which might miss the opportunity to promote the most efficient technologies to decarbonise transport. On the contrary, it may create distortions to competition between renewable transport fuels.

In particular, they call on the Commission to help accelerate the transition towards more energy-efficient and renewable energy in the transport sector by:

  • Keeping the current electricity multipliers – which bring equivalence to different primary energy sources.
  • Leaving Member states free to choose an energy-based or GHG-based approach.
  • Including all relevant renewable energy sources – not just biofuels – in national compliance schemes.

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