Companies ask EU negotiators to boost vehicle charging infrastructure

March 21, 2023

In a letter, Ikea, AstraZeneca and others call for a more ambitious approach to deploying car and truck charging.

Companies which strongly support the EU’s Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) as a framework to increase charging infrastructure for cars and trucks are today calling for a more ambitious approach by lawmakers. The targets proposed by the European Commission are commendable but may not be sufficient, according to a letter to EU negotiators which is signed by Ikea, AstraZeneca, Maersk and others.

The AFIR does not account for the fact that more public charging power is needed in the short to medium term to frontload the deployment of charging infrastructure and thus support accelerated uptake of battery electric vehicles in this segment. The businesses call for full coverage of the entire TEN-T network with sufficient charging pools, not just the core network, by 2025.

The companies say that ambitious goals are crucial to develop the necessary infrastructure in time. Adequate lead time will also be critical to avoid potential delays due to permitting, other administrative processes and grid expansion or reinforcement. They call on all negotiating parties to support the targets for cars as proposed by the European Parliament’s and for trucks in line with the most ambitious scenario in the European Commission’s impact assessment.

Representatives of the European Parliament, EU governments and the European Commission will attempt to close negotiations on the law in a meeting on 27 March.

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