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China’s clean vehicles sales quota a game changer for the EU

September 28, 2017

Today’s announcement by China of quotas on imports and production for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is a game changer in decarbonising transport and a wake-up call to the EU to not be left behind in cleaning up its car fleet, sustainable transport group Transport & Environment (T&E) has said. The European Commission is considering introducing a zero-emission vehicle sales target in the draft EU car CO2 standards expected in November.

China, the world’s largest car market, has set the 2019 ‘new energy vehicles’ sales quota (covering fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles) for automakers at 10% of their annual vehicle sales for that year. In 2020, the NEV sales quota will be set at 12% of annual sales. Considering the quota’s credit structure, this would translate into 4-5% plug-in vehicle sales in 2020. China is the second global auto market to adopt a ZEV mandate after California.

Julia Hildermeier, clean vehicles and e-mobility officer at T&E, said: “China’s decision to mandate plug-in vehicle sales is a wake-up call for Europe and is a sure sign that zero-emission vehicles are the future. European carmakers’ obsession with diesel means they’re now scrambling to comply with the Chinese rules. If Europe wants to keep a strong a competitive car industry, we’ll need to make sure investments and manufacturing in plug-in cars happen in Europe, not just in Asia. That’s why a European sales target for zero emission vehicles is essential.”

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