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Boost for Europe’s zero-emission bus fleet as Parliament backs public procurement targets

October 25, 2018

Europe is set to rapidly increase its fleet of zero-emissions buses after the European Parliament today supported targets for the public procurement of vehicles by local authorities and public companies. MEPs voted for national targets of between 43% and 75% of new buses to be ‘clean’ vehicles in 2030, and for 25% to 50% of cars and vans.

The extension of the targets’ scope to cover small four-wheeled vehicles, as well as leased and rented vehicles, was among the improvements made by MEPs to the Commission’s proposal that were welcomed by green transport NGO Transport & Environment. Crucially, the procurement of electric and hydrogen vehicles will be boosted by sub-targets for zero-emission vehicles.

However, dirty fossil-fuel vehicles – such as those powered by gas – will be counted under the definition of clean vehicles. The decision to use the definition set down in other legislation, the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive, is regrettable, T&E said.

Following today’s vote, negotiations between EU member states need to move forward promptly for the Clean Vehicles Directive to be adopted before the end of this parliament’s mandate.

Yoann Le Petit, clean vehicles officer at NGO Transport & Environment, said: “Today’s vote sends the right signal to speed up procurement of cleaner vehicles in the EU. But for the directive to effectively drive the market, and not just follow, it is crucial that it be adopted before the end of this parliamentary mandate.”

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