State of European Transport 2024


Vans are the workhorse for many European businesses. They carry tools and equipment to work sites, deliver packages and goods, and can also provide passenger transport. Up until recently they have slipped through the cracks of effective regulation.

  • Number of vans in EU and UK (2021)34,869,546
  • Total emissions in EU and UK (2022)109 MtCO2e
  • Share of new electric vans in EU and UK (2023)7.2%

Greenhouse gas emissions from vans shot up 55% in 2022 compared to 1990, the fastest growing sector in road transport. While battery electric vans are already the cheapest option for van owners, their uptake has lagged behind cars due to weaker emissions standards.

E-vans: Cheaper, greener, and in demand

We analysed the total cost of ownership of electric vans across multiple use cases in 6 European countries. We found that they were always cheaper than their diesel counterparts. Electric van owners and businesses stand to reduce their costs substantially, while greenhouse gas emissions are slashed and air quality in cities is cleaned up.

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