State of European Transport

Our transport system is on the cusp of a revolution. We must shift from fossil fuels to sustainable electrification and clean fuels. Where are we now and where we need to be by 2050?

  • Km travelled per year per person (2021) 10,658
  • Carbon footprint per year per person for all transport activity (2022) 2.33 tCO2
  • Goods imported by every person per year (2022) 3.7 tonnes

In this series we will showcase the rise of transport emissions. What is the biggest source of emissions? What is the fastest growing? What are the emissions in my country and city? And what does the future hold for transport? 

To find out the answers, read on and take a look through our interactive series: State of European Transport.

The European Green Deal’s suite of climate regulations address these runaway transport emissions. In the rest of the series, we explore how these regulations impact transport emissions, the energy system that powers transport, and how cities can be forerunners in our mobility transition. How much impact will the Green Deal have? Is it enough? Read on to find out.

This is T&E's State of Transport overview. Find out more and how we are working towards our mission of a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on our health, climate and environment below.

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