Truck CO2 – why market forces alone cannot deliver the goods

Road freight CO2 emissions are the fastest growing segment of land transport emissions, both at EU and at global level. By 2030 heavy-duty vehicle emissions will account for almost 40% of road transport emissions. The European Commission is currently preparing a “decarbonisation of road transport strategy” in which it will outline its truck CO2 plans. 

One key area of discussion is whether market forces alone can deliver sufficient CO2 savings or whether additional regulatory intervention is needed. Truckmakers oppose regulation but others, including the German Environment Agency, the UK, France, Belgium, Romania Slovenia, the Netherlands and a number of other countries support truck fuel efficiency legislation.

To contribute to this debate T&E commissioned a market study surveying 180 SME hauliers in France, Germany, Poland, the UK and Spain. In combination with the existing literature on market barriers in the freight sector, the survey results point to five key reasons why the market alone can’t do the job, and why fuel efficiency standards are needed to strengthen market forces.

Download the findings below and read our briefing, which assesses the results.