Studies on energy crops and wood for bioenergy

Two new studies, commissioned by Transport & Environment, BirdLife Europe, and the European Environmental Bureau, aim to provide new evidence on the availability of sustainable biomass in the EU, with a focus on energy crops and forest biomass. Here we provide two briefings, as well as the complete studies, to download.

Space for energy crops considers the availability of land within the EU where energy crops could be grown sustainably (without causing indirect land-use change or biodiversity loss) and the energy crops that could be grown on this land. The study analyses the impact of the generated biomass in different sectors relying on bioenergy.

The second study, Forest biomass for energy in the EU, aims to clarify the implications of increasing use of forest-derived biomass and to estimate the amount of forest-derived woody biomass that could be sustainably supplied for energy uses within the EU up to 2030.