Letter to governments of France, Germany, and the UK regarding Europe's ETS for aviation

France, Germany, and the UK have come out jointly to oppose the European Commission’s proposal to amend the aviation ETS to cover emissions from all flights within EU airspace. They want to continue to “stop the clock”, which exempts all long-haul flights thus leaving 75 per cent of emissions uncontrolled or unregulated. Such a move is clearly not motivated by environmental considerations.

NGOs wrote to French president François Hollande, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and UK prime minister David Cameron to express deep concerns about their governments’ continued efforts to weaken aviation ETS. Transport & Environment, the Aviation Environment Federation, Réseau Action Climat France, and Bund (Friends of the Earth – Germany) urged the leaders to support the European Commission's proposal to ensure enforcement measures are taken against airlines which have failed to comply with their 2012 obligations. The letter sent to Prime Minister Cameron is available to download below.