Lucien Mathieu

Acting Director, France

European Union (Brussels)

Lucien joined T&E in December 2017 following an internship at Tesla in Amsterdam. There he analysed and forecasted the usage of the super-charger network in the EU and worked on policies and programmes to promote electro-mobility. Lucien is part of T&E’s freight and clean vehicle teams, and his work is currently focused on accelerating the transition to electro-mobility for trucks, buses and cars.

From Clermont-Ferrand in the centre of France, Lucien studied general engineering at l’Ecole Centrale Lyon and specialised in applied mathematics, business development and business intelligence. He speaks English, French and Spanish and has started learning Dutch. In addition to his enthusiasm for electro-mobility, Lucien loves travelling, sports like rock climbing and running, listening to music, and tasting Belgium beers with friends.