Clean Cities

The Clean Cities Campaign is a European coalition of NGOs and grassroots groups, backed by T&E, which aims to encourage cities to transition to zero-emission transport by 2030

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Getting polluting cars off our streets and transforming the way we move around is urgently needed if we want to solve the air pollution health emergency and halt the climate crisis.

We want city leaders to rethink urban mobility by:

  • Reallocating public space to walking, cycling and greenery, and driving down the overall number of vehicles in cities, therefore prioritising people over cars
  • Promoting and investing in public transport and shared electric mobility
  • Allowing only zero-emission cars and vans to circulate in cities by 2030 at the latest, via e.g. Low and Zero Emission Zones.

Take action to protect our health and the climate! 

Together we will push European cities to become champions of active, shared and electric mobility for a more liveable and sustainable urban future. 

Join citizens from across Europe in asking Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, to end the sales of new diesel, petrol or gas cars and vans.

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The Clean Cities Campaign champions active, shared and electric mobility for a more liveable and sustainable urban future, which also requires phasing out polluting vehicles from cities within a decade.

How prepared are cities to clean up transport?

36 European cities were tested to see whether they’re on the right track to reach zero-emission mobility by 2030. Explore the main results and tweet your city's mayor to tell them to take action!

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