Webinar on T&E's Industrial Blueprint for Batteries in Europe

May 29, 2024 — May 29, 2024

The recording of this webinar can be watched here:



Following the publication of the report An Industrial Blueprint for Batteries in Europe, T&E is pleased to present the main findings in its upcoming webinar. The event will outline the key findings and present T&E’s policy blueprint for what the next Commission and European governments should do on the topic.

As Europe is decarbonising its economy, it is facing a monumental challenge to rebuild the fossil-based system into a carbon free one. Batteries and the materials that go into making them are central to our effort to clean up cars, trucks and buses as well as to expand renewable energy networks. A year ago, as T&E estimated that two-thirds of Europe’s announced battery plans are at risk, the EU announced a raft of measures in response to the US Inflation Reduction Act.

So, one year on, what progress has been made in building battery supply chains? The report analyses the progress along the entire supply chain, as well as challenges associated with onshoring it. The publication provides an industrial blueprint for governments to build a local, resilient and sustainable battery supply chain.

Speakers in the webinar will include Evan Hartley, senior analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, and Julia Poliscanova and Alina Racu of T&E.


Presentation of T&E report findings by T&E (10 min)

Q&A with the Benchmark Minerals Intelligence (10 min)

Brief Q&A with audience (10 min)