Re-volt: how smart industrial policy can power Europe's green battery value

June 26, 2024 — June 26, 2024

Achieving the European Green Deal is our challenge of the 21st century. Scaling local green tech industry has a key role to play in this, notably building a sustainable, circular battery supply chain from gigafactories to critical minerals. As the new European Parliament and European Commission start their new term and define their priorities, Transport & Environment is hosting an afternoon in-person event to discuss how Europe’s industrial and trade policies can help achieve battery onshoring and electrification goals in a way that not only turbocharges our climate goals but also boosts jobs, supports partners and brings best in class tech expertise.

Together with key high-level decision-makers, representatives of battery value chain industries and experts, we will discuss the progress and potential of the EU's industries and explore what it takes to make the EU's ambitions work in view of the fierce international competition.

We would like to look into the key industrial and trade policies in Europe’s toolkit and what’s missing today to make a success of them. Looking at the whole supply chain, we will discuss the role of investment support, localisation policies and free trade agreements in improving the supply-side security of the industry while taking into account the needs of global partners.

Speakers include:

  • Kerstin Jorna, European Commission’s Director-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
  • Simone Tagliapietra, Senior Fellow at Bruegel
  • Wouter Ghyoot, Vice President Government Affairs at Umicore
  • Anna Cavazzini, Member of European Parliament (Greens)
  • Antoine Oger, Research Director & Head of Programme at the Institute for European Environmental Policy
  • Djibril René, Director Industry & Market Intelligence at European Aluminum
  • William Todts & Julia Poliscanova, Transport & Environment

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