Hybrid event: Will the EU seize its final opportunity to phase out soy biofuels?

March 5, 2024 — May 29, 2024

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On 5 March, Green MEP Ville Niinistö will host a panel debate in the European Parliament to discuss phasing out soy biofuels from EU renewable energy targets. Representatives from the EU institutions, the Belgian national ministry, NGOs and technical experts have been invited to present their views and discuss the issue of soy being included in the forthcoming revision of the high ILUC Delegated Act.

Panelists will discuss the need for an immediate phase out of soy biofuels from EU renewable energy targets in transport, as supported by the European Parliament in the 2023 RED negotiations. Key topics will include deforestation, energy dependence, the environmental and social impacts of soy cultivation, and the European Commission’s delay in revising the Delegated Act on high ILUC risk feedstocks.