Green steel in cars: why and how?

July 8, 2024 — July 8, 2024

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To mark the publication of a new study, The use of green steel in the automotive industry, T&E along with the consultancy Ricardo are pleased to present the main findings and key recommendations in a 45-minute webinar held on 8 July.

The event will outline the key findings and present T&E’s policy recommendations for what the next European Commission and policymakers should do to incentivise the uptake of green steel in cars.

As carmakers transition to selling only electric cars to reduce tailpipe emissions to zero, the climate impact of the materials used to make a car will fall increasingly under the spotlight. This will need to be addressed as the sector strives to become net zero by 2050 at the latest. There is a pressing need to develop green steelmaking processes, but securing the billions of investment needed will be highly dependent on having a clear market demand and offtake. The automotive sector is well positioned to create this demand and be a lead market for green steel in Europe.

With growing interest in the potential of green steel in the automotive sector, questions remain regarding its feasibility, as well as the potential climate benefits and its cost implications for industry and consumers. This webinar will seek to answer these questions and participants can expect both an overview of the report’s findings and the chance to ask more in depth questions of the authors in a Q&A.

Speakers will include one of the authors of the report from Ricardo (TBC), as well as Alex Keynes, Cars Policy Manager, and Laurence Peplow, Senior Data Analyst at T&E.