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  • Will final talks produce a robust vehicle approval system?

    Almost two years since the type approval reform was proposed, the European Parliament, member states and the European Commission are entering the final negotiations to agree the post-Dieselgate rules for approving cars. The third meeting is scheduled for 23 November.

    This briefing summarises the key elements of a robust regulation that need to emerge from the discussions:

    1. Strong powers for the European Commission to check cars on the road perform in the same way as those that were approved; and review national regulators to ensure a consistent and appropriate interpretation of Type Approval requirements
    2. Agreeing a minimum level of checking by national market surveillance authorities to ensure vehicles meet all EU environment and safety requirements (no test cherry-picking)
    3. Independent members of the Forum to maintain its independence; and a public database with key type approval and vehicle data
    4. The powers for the Commission to continue to improve emission tests, in particular real- world and in-use CO2 tests

    The time is running out to allow the Estonian Presidency to close the deal so the next trilogue needs to make substantial progress in negotiations. Member States should not stand in the way of the compromise but instead agree to a robust regulation.