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  • Why the VECTO black box needs to be opened up

    This paper that dates from July 2015 is commissioned by Transport & Environment and analyses the main input parameters of VECTO – the simulation tool that will be used to measure truck CO2 emissions and fuel consumption as from 2019. The paper gives an overview of the test procedures for the so-called input parameters (engine, tyres, aerodynamic drag, axles, transmission and auxiliaries).

    Some stakeholders argue that the values of the parameters cannot be made public because of confidentiality reasons. This paper however shows that the confidentiality level of all the input parameters is average to low. We therefore call to make all the VECTO input parameters in the current proposal for Monitoring and Reporting of Truck CO2 Emissions and Fuel Consumption publicly available. This will have positive effects such as increasing scrutiny and competition between the different truck manufactures.