Taxi and Uber licenses in the UK
  • Why MEPs should vote to include shipping in the EU carbon market

    Ahead of this week's shipping pollution vote in the European Parliament, T&E and 14 environmental groups are appealing to MEPs to vote to include shipping pollution in the emissions trading system.

    The green groups argue that the reform would:
    • Increase the transparency of the EU’s monitoring system for shipping emissions,
    • Apply the “polluter pays” principle to shipping by expanding the EU ETS to include shipping as called for by the European Green Deal,
    • Introduce a -40% GHG efficiency target for shipping companies, to be reached linearly by 2030,
    • Ensure ships stop emitting harmful air pollutants and GHG when docked in ports by 2030
    Today shipping is the only sector not yet subject to emission reduction targets or measures in the EU. As a result, shipping’s carbon pollution has grown 10% in just six years and could increase 50% by 2050 if real action is not taken.