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  • What’s delaying the VECTO tool for measuring truck emissions?

    In this letter organisations representing hauliers, truck leasers, freight forwarders and other logistics and truck industry representatives, along with T&E, express their serious concern about the slowing down of the process to introduce the VECTO tool, which is designed to measure, calculate, report and monitor CO2 emissions and fuel consumption from new heavy-goods vehicles.

    VECTO is being delayed by parallel legislation in trilogue that would give the Commission power to implement the program – that file is being held up by an issue unrelated to VECTO and trucks.

    T&E, the IRU, Leaseurope, CLECAT, the Nordic Logistics Association, the Alliance of European Logistics, and Eaton Vehicle Group call on Commission officials, MEPs dealing with the file and representatives of the Slovak Council presidency to implement the tool no later than 2017 as well as introduce a real-world test for truck CO2 and make the test process more transparent to avoid a repeat of the Volkswagen scandal.