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  • VIDEO – If not biofuels, what are the fuels of the future?

    If fossil fuels accelerate climate change, and if most biofuels in Europe today are even worse, what should power our cars and trucks?


    At the moment the cleanest energy that can be produced to fuel the transport sector in Europe is renewable electricity from wind or solar. The EU should strongly promote sustainable electromobility to decarbonise the transport sector.

    Sustainable advanced biofuels, produced from wastes and residues, can also play an important role in the fight against climate change. But since their availability is limited, they shouldn’t be seen as the main solution.

    In parallel to the push for cleaner fuels, the EU must also phase out land-based biodiesel as soon as possible and decrease the cap on all land-based biofuels to 0% in 2030.

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